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Iron Shirt Chi Kung & Tao Yin in Madrid

Aanvang:03-11-2018 (10u)
Einde:04-11-2018 (17u30)

 TAO workshop in Madrid

Voor inschrijvingen contacteer Carlos Vegas: info@taoyoga.es

Heb je vragen, aarzel dan niet met Hilde contact op te nemen: hilde.broeckhove@gmail.com
Deze workshop wordt gegeven in het Engels en vertaald in het Spaans

Iron Shirt Chi Kung I

This was a Martial Arts practice in old times; it developed the chi which was packed into the organs and chest in order to protect the body. Now we use it to strengthen the organs, which helps you to be healthier and live longer. Mantak Chia.

Iron Shirt Chi Kung is part of the Universal HealingTao System's basic practices.
It is a practice that will help to root down into the earth, stengthen the center, open the body structure and unify the whole bone structure. Holding the postures will open energy channels and energize muscles, tendons, nerves and organs.
The inner smile and packing breathing techniques will help to hold and build the chi.
Old patterns and emotions will be transformed into joy and inner stability.

Tao Yin

Tao Yin is actually a Chinese version of yoga, but in China it is connected to the Martial Arts and Tai Chi so there is emphasis on the Psoas muscle and lumbar strength, which we call the core of life.
Mantak Chia.

Starting with Full Body Breathing exercises, the practice of Tao Yin continues with a series of exercises which activate the different meridians and their connected organs in the body.
There is a lot of emphasis on the coödination between the breath, the movement and the intention...Tao Yin litterally means 'guiding the energy.'
Another important part are the Psoas muscle exercises, they develop core consciousness and help prevent or heal all sorts of back problems.

Tao Yin exercises focuses on creating balance between internal and external energies and the revitalization of the body, mind, and spirit.
The focus is on the lying and sitting positions of Tao Yin, which improve health and structural alignment and, once mastered, strengthen movements and postures in standing positions.
The benefits of these remarkably simple exercises includes harmonizing chi, developing strength and flexibility through tendon stretching, relaxing the abdominal muscles and the diaphragm, releasing toxins through the breath, and training the "second brain" in the lower abdomen to coördinate and direct these processes. Its ultimate goal is for the practitioner to become pure, responsive, and full of energy, like a child.

Weekend workshop for whoever wishes to:

  • develop inner strength and body consciousness
  • release stress and pain from the body and mind
  • find correct alignment in posture and energy flow
  • relax deeply and charge their energy
  • find love, joy and hapiness in their daily lives



  • Aanmelden ten minste 14 dagen voor aanvang van de lessenreeks of workshop tenzij anders vermeld.
  • Aanmelden per telefoon of email - daarna krijg je een bevestigingsmail met de betalingsinformatie.
  • Als je je reeds aangemeld hebt gelieve je dan ook af te melden indien je door omstandigheden toch niet kunt komen, het kan van jouw inschrijving afhangen of een cursus wel of niet kan doorgaan.
  • Bij annulatie minder dan twee weken voor de startdatum worden 30% annulatiekosten aangerekend.

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